On a day in March 2013 and for the first time in Ireland’s history,

a nationally televised “table” quiz will be broadcast to over 100,000 participants in over 1000 venues, each venue playing host to a different charity or cause and raising an estimated €3,500,000. This will be a recognised  “ World Record” beating the current holders 10 fold.

This event will be based on the traditional Pub Quiz format. the idea is that local charities or causes can participate in the Quiz to raise much needed funds. The Quiz itself will be televised Nationwide during a two and a half hour show featuring 6 rounds of 10 questions asked by 6 celebrity Quiz Masters.

To guarantee that each of the charities raises as much money as they possibly can on the night we will be providing 1,000,000 full color raffle tickets which will be pre sold and the winners drawn on the night live on national television.

We are asking Ireland’s foremost companies to get involved and sponsor prizes worthy of an event of this size. There are also many other areas where sponsorship would benefit the charities greatly such as “organiser clothing” or “nationwide parcel distribution”

Exclusivity will be ensured on a first come first served basis. As we are still at the registration stage of the event, we are asking only that you register your interest at this point.