Charities & Causes

Anyone can take part and organise a venue to raise funds for their chosen cause.

Typically, a club or charity will raise in excess of €3,500 per venue but that is up to you!
Raffle tickets will feature a first prize of a new car and second and third prizes of holidays and sporting event season tickets, valuable prizes normally associated with  the biggest, strongest causes.

Remember! You keep 100% of the money you raise!

Now, don’t think for 1 second that this is easy money for your cause. It will take the same kind of work and effort that you have given everything before however this time we are here to support you!

We will provide all of the posters and advertising materials, all of the answer sheets, the printed score board, your organiser t-shirts, pencils, raffle tickets and the national prizes. We will support you with the “how to get the best out of your event” guide to ensure that you do just that.
As it will be televised, we will also provide you with the quiz itself so all you need to do is fundraise!

If you are interested in participating in the “worlds biggest table quiz” then contact us today and let us know.. If you choose to go ahead and fundraise you will need to register and get your fundraiser support pack. Registration will cost €200 but this will be paid for by your local sponsor(s).